2020 Summer Camps

Six Reasons Kids Should Sail
1. Self-Confidence. There is simply nothing like being able to pilot your own craft at the age of 9 years old. Riding a bike is one thing. Skillfully steering and docking a sailboat is quite another.
2. Spatial Awareness. When kids learn how to navigate a boat through narrow spaces and tight turns—how to avoid collisions, coast to a dock with finesse, or squeeze into a packed starting line at a regatta—they develop a spatial awareness that will bring them prowess activities that involve coordination. Like driving, for instance.
3. Accountability. Taking the helm gives a child an accountability for his or her actions. Recreational and racing junior sailors alike face right-of-way situations all the time and have to take responsibility for mistakes.
4. Vision. Balancing the finer details inside the boat with the larger picture of the racecourse or channel is a key skill to hone. This balance helps in school, business, in life.
5. Shipshape habits. Sailing students learn how to properly rig and unrig a boat. Kids learn to put things away in the right place, and keep them tidy while on the water. That’s a skill no mom or dad can argue with.
6. Bravery. Sailors push their fear threshold. Most kids are scared of capsizing before they experience it. Many are scared in strong breezes. They still capsize and they still go out in rough conditions. the situation, but ultimately, the kids have to vercome their fear.

Neck Gaiters will be provided to all campers attending our Summer Camps. 



Camp 1: June 1 - 5 [Sold out]

Camp 2: June 8 - 12 [Sold out]

Camp 3: June 15 - 19 [Sold out]

Camp 4: June 22 - 26 [Sold out]

Camp 5: June 29 - July 3 [Sold out]

Camp 6: July 6 - 10 [Sold out]

Camp 7: July 13 - 17 [Sold out]

Camp 8: July 20 - 24 [Sold out]

Camp 9: July 27 - 31 [Sold out]

Camp 10: August 3 - 7 [Sold out]



Monday to Friday

Full day: 0900 - 1530, or

Half day: 0900 - 1230


Please, download the following documents and read them carefully.


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2020 Summer Sailing Camp

Parents Handbook


2020 Next Mark Course

This course is for those sailors who have completed a Summer Sailing Camp in 2020 or before and are qualified and motivated for more advance sailing. Boats to be used are Optimist only.

The Next Mark is a course designed for kids that are between the ages of 6 - 12 and are former summer sailors. This class is focused in fun and learning and is intended to introduce the kids to racing at the end of the course, if they want.

Boats are provided. Skills introduced in the Next Mark Course will be built upon, including but not limited to:

  • Wind awareness and weather

  • Basic parts of the boat

  • Points of sail

  • Sailing terminology

  • Knots

  • Tacking

  • Gybing

  • Upwind sailing



              Saturdays       Sundays

June      6, 13 & 20      7, 14 & 21

July       11, 18 & 25    12, 18 & 26

August  1                     2  


0930am - 0130pm


$30 / day


Please, download the following documents and read them carefully.

2020 Summer Sailing Camp

Parents Handbook

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