Optimist C                                        

They have a basic ability of sail after completing Summer Sailing Camps or never sailed before. Optimist C should have adequate control of boat to maneuver the boat through the course. Primary focus is FUN!


Optimist B                                        

Those sailors that have completed the curriculum in Optimist C, have sailed/competed in a regular way during, at least, the last 2 years or they do not have a competitive spirit but they want to continue sailing will promote to Optimist B to continue improving their skills.



Optimist A                                        

This is the PYC Team and they will represent PYC in those designated regattas. They should be very comfortable handling an Opti and typically should be able to handle winds of 15 knots or more. Competition at this level can be fun for everyone, but they may be competing with some of the best sailors in the nation and sometimes the world. Racers at this level should KNOW the rules and the emphasis is on competition.


Once the Optimist age has come (15 years), the next step is the Laser.

The Laser is a singlehanded boat that uses 3 different types of rigging: 4.7, Radial and Standard.

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