Optimist Green Fleet (6 - 11 years old)

This group is an intro level class to teach kids the fun of sailing while they gain confidence and shipshape habits. It is used simple games and challenges to teach safety and how to control a sailboat while having fun. They will learn much needed future skills such as rigging and de-rigging a boat, tying knots, points of sail and terminology. This course will prepare these sailors to promote into the RWB group. Green Fleet sailors attend regattas as well.







Optimist RWB (8 - 13 years old)

In this level, sailors will learn boat-handling, boat speed, rules, tactics and strategy. The primary goal of this group is to represent PYC at competitions. Own a boat is required.














LASER (+14 years old)







The Year Round Program will start September 5th, 2020.

Practice times

from Sep. 5th to Nov. 1st and from March 14th to May 23rd

Optimist Green Fleet - Fridays after school and Saturdays 0930am - 0130pm

Optimist RWB - Wednesdays after school and Sundays 0930am - 1330pm

C420 - Fridays after school and Saturdays 0200pm - 0600pm

Laser - Wednesdays after school and Sundays 0930am - 1330pm

from Nov. 1st to March 14th 2021

Optimist Green Fleet - Saturdays and Sundays 0900am - 0100pm

Optimist RWB - Saturdays and Sundays 0130pm - 0530pm

C420 - Saturdays and Sundays 0130pm - 0530pm

Laser - Saturdays and Sundays 0900am - 0100pm

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